Tuesday, February 27, 2018

98 Days: What he did while she ate, prayed, loved or went wild

98 Days: What he did while she ate, prayed, loved or went wild


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While she sauntered away touring the world, eating, praying, making love or going on hikes in the wild, did anyone ask what became of him? Or did everyone assume that he was just a male animal who moved on to the next available mate?
A man’s journey through that separation is what this book is all about. And NO, it's not a sob story.

Author's note: I wrote this book to complete the understanding of the cycle of separation which was left one sided by many books describing a woman's journey, inwards and outwards, after falling out with the man. The protagonist goes through his days to comprehend, live and accept the changing realities of his life, and finally settling down with them. Anyone who read the other books (Like the one about eating, praying etc. or the ones about going on long hikes in the wild) describing the woman's agony, must read this one too. Otherwise you know only half the story.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Yours Grudgingly-2

Continuing on expressing the grudge against stealing of credits, I am presenting the case of Ramanujan Number here.

For basic context to this post, please read my first post on this topic

There is something known as HARDY-RAMANUJAN NUMBER.

GH Hardy was a mathematician and also apparently funded the UK stint of Srinivasa Ramanujan, the Indian Mathematician.

Once when he was visiting Ramanujan, he used a Cab with the number plate- 1729
Hardy mentioned it as a dull number of no significance to Ramanujan. But Ramanujan immediately replied that this number was unique, because it was the smallest number, which could be expressed as the sum of cubes of 2 different positive integers. Which means

1729 = 13 + 123 = 93 + 103

The number was also found in one of Ramanujan's notebooks dated years before the incident, and was noted by Frénicle de Bessy in 1657.

However, the number is known today as HARDY-RAMANUJAN NUMBER

Not only was Hardy's contribution to it a big zero, zilch, but he also had the audacity to put his name before Ramanujan.
Talk about being needy and being hungry for recognition.

If you like this post, tell me. The next post would be about how the west stole the credit away from Tenzing for being the first person atop Mt Everest but instead credits Hillary alone.