Real Estate Virtual Tours post Covid-19 Era

Real Estate is the biggest beneficiary of the virtual tours in 360 technology. 
In Covid-19 times, and now after it, people do not want to interact personally unless really needed. They just put off visiting a site. And this results in less visits and either a bad decision or no decision to buy. Either ways, the good property sellers suffer.

A well made real estate virtual tour, true 360 experience can actually turn the tide in your favour as the user experiences your property sitting at home, unlike the dark and cheesy YouTube videos which most realtors post on youtube.
  • 3D exploration of the home space under the full control of the viewer
  • Uses actual footage of the home, not a digital recreation
  • Options to explore any room at any time, backtrack, or linger at their discretion
  • Easily accessible to the lay person through a web browser or mobile device
  • Abides by a high standard of quality, including both technical aspects like load speed and aesthetic aspects like clear lighting or great image resolution
  • Compatible with common smart phone models that provide millions with their primary point of internet access
  • Intuitive to control with minimal frustration or friction
  • Positioned in a way to complement the home’s natural features as well as other real estate marketing collateral
  • Duplicates the experience of visiting a home in person