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Welcome to "So Said Saurabh," a podcasting website maintained by Dr Saurabh Bhatia; i.e. me.

The podcasts will be tagged by Seasons or themes for your ease.

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It is like a radio talk show where the host of the podcast talks to you (sometime with guests)
Podcasts are really just like a radio program on a radio station (podcast channel) put up on the internet for you to listen at your own convenience. Podcast is just another name for an audio file, MP3 usually, which can be downloaded and played on any of your music players

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BnB-1: Launch of

December 26, 2018 @ 9:00 am

For a long time in my life, i have contemplated being financially independent so as not to work 9 to 5 and slog to earn money. My idea of life is to have income from momentum efforts (make efforts one time but reap benefit multiple times) (mostly) and live on that income to do what you love to do (without @$$holes telling you what to do in office/ life).

Therefore my aim has been to become able to earn from momentum efforts like invest in a property and reap rentals, or create a course and enjoy repeated returns from enrolments, write books and enjoy royalty from repeated sales. Any effort that gives me only this month's salary is a wasted effort, IMHO.

Therefore this website will be dedicated to my F.I.R.E. efforts using stock markets, realty, courses, books and all other things that I'd do to remain financially independent thru momentum efforts.

The posts on this site will be a mix of podcasts and articles so be sure that you subscribe to my podcasts from or see them at Youtube on, my channel.

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