Business Opportunities for using AI in healthcare

July 19, 2019 @ 6:07 pm

Business Opportunities for using AI in healthcare


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About this course:

This course would be immensely useful for both healthcare professionals as well as software professionals.
Healthcare professionals will be able to understand real life use-cases where they can use AI and ask their vendors to build AI enabled modules for them.
Software professionals, on the other hand, will understand the needs by seeing real life examples and will be in a better position to collect data and build AI modules for their customers.

In this course, I have covered the basic benefits of using AI, Sample analysis using a real life example, the stages in clinical care life cycle where AI can be used for intervention, What will be the data requirements and how to gather that data, AI modelling and extending those models to healthcare, how to bring the stake holders of healthcare together using AI and finally, the challenges for implementing AI in healthcare and how to resolve them.


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So Said Saurabh
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